Applications of the Tool

  • FPIC is very often a process that happens to Indigenous Peoples’ communities, and from the top-down as part of a company’s due diligence and project permitting procedures.
  • The FPIC-360° Tool, however, is founded on the premise that FPIC can only be conducted responsibly and successfully if the Indigenous Peoples affected by a proposed project are co-owners and implementers of the entire process, from design, through implementation and monitoring phases.
  • The FPIC-360° Tool is innovative in that it democratises the design, implementation and monitoring of FPIC processes, by facilitating equitable participation in, and ownership of, the FPIC process by all project stakeholders


Our Tool can be applied by various users including project developers, Indigenous Peoples, assurance providers, and/or financial institutions.

To access an e-learning module on how financial institutions can benefit from the Tool, click here.